Olimpíadas de matemática-IXª-edição-2018

1ºs Classifieds of the competition of mathematical Olympics IXª edition 2018, in the province of Bengo (08 and 09/10/2018)

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Mathematical Olympics IXth edition 2018 held in the Province of Bengo. is a national contest held every year, with the aim of encouraging the study of the discipline.

The director of human resources at Carmon Reestrutura, Noémia Santana said in her speech that “in supporting this competition, we want to reaffirm the importance of mathematics, to train cadres who can sustain the business prison and be able to leverage the development of Angola.
This investment must begin in the child, for it is in childhood that we can best stimulate taste and arouse interest in mathematics, on which the progress of humanity is generally based. “



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