Carmon donates 500 mosquito nets in the Urban District of Vila Flor

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Carmon Restructures 500 Musketeers

Malaria continues to be a major cause of illness and death in Angola. At the base of the bite of the infected mosquito that is born in pools of stagnant water, the basis of the spread of disease is the basis of the spread of disease. About us | Contact us | About us | Contact us | > A community near the Mutamba market in Luanda. An action in coordination with a local administration to celebrate the world day of the fight against an endemic in Angola, a 25 of April. In partnership with a local action, Carmon also offering 500 musketeers, an attempt to meet a great demand of the local population. The event is part of the company’s social responsibility under Angolan law. The event also featured community music, dance and music that enlivened the audience.

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