“CARMON – Protocol of partnership with Faculty of Engineering – UAN”

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Protocol of partnership with the Faculty of Engineering

Promoting employment opportunities in Carmon to graduates and graduates of the Engineering College of Agostinho Neto University is one of the five objectives of the cooperation protocol, which will encourage the development of projects in the area of ​​Science and Technology, especially in technical and scientific actions . The protocol, initialed on 23 August, will promote cooperation activities in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation in areas of common interest and the establishment of mechanisms that make it possible to participate jointly in projects, studies or consultations. based on complex real problems, exploring new ideas and researching innovative solutions. Another objective is to encourage future professionals around a culture of cooperation and responsibility, open to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, in a business context. The four-year protocol, automatically renewable for equal and successive periods, emphasizes the importance of cooperation between the academic community and the business sector.

It is the obligation of the Faculty of Engineering, in light of the protocol, to carry out short courses, scientific meetings, seminars, lectures, with the aim of forming employees of the Carmon company, upon request. The Faculty of Engineering is also obliged to comply with the rules of authorization of the internships in force at Carmon, send a limit of students by areas and appoint a teacher to be responsible for the planning, orientation and evaluation of the internship.



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