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National Meeting of Education

In the context of its social responsibility, Carmon has directly sponsored the actions of the Ministry of Education under the partnership agreement between the company and the ministry.

It was after that that Carmon materially supported an accomplishment of the National Meeting of Education, in the Talatona Convention Center in Luanda, under the motto “Empowering the teacher is a Quality Education for All”.

The opening ceremony took place on 05/06/2018 and closure is scheduled for Wednesday 9.

This is a step that contributes to the purposes of education at the time of reform at all levels of the country.

The chair was the Minister of Education, Dr. Maria Teixeira, the Minister of State and Economic Coordination, Dr. Manuel Júnior and the Deputy Governor of Luanda for the Technical Area, Dr. Paulo Kai.

With a multi-panel program that promises lectures, it is important that the education sector, the event, the promotion of the Ministry of Education, challenge all public and private actors for the services that are needed.

The program includes topics such as: “Educational Policies and Proposals for Quality Education”, “Processes and Practices of Participation in Education”, as well as “Appreciation of Education Professionals”, “Training and Career Management” and it is expected that the participants do. An important contribution to the challenges of the sector. In fact, the education sector today faces many challenges, starting with schools, a number of schools, while many are the areas facing the degradation of their facilities. On the other hand, there is a reduced capacity to respond to the growing student population in Angola.

A Carmon, Portugal, present, supporting all activities of the Ministry of Education within the existing partnership.

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