Social Responsability


As part of its corporate business culture, Carmon invests in social responsibility. The goal is participating in critical programs of social development of communities across the country.

Whether in rural areas or around its construction sites, Carmon empowers people with the donation of goods and training, as well as the provision of social aid in the areas of education, health, housing, save water and sanitation:

  • Supporting the National Program of the Ministry of Education for Literacy and Adult Education;
  • Supporting the engineering faculty of Agostinho Neto University, giving opportunities for internships and first jobs to university students;
  • Partnership with the national contest of Mathematical Olympics, organized by the Ministry of Education of Angola;
  • Providing safe water to communities;
  • Constructing and rehabilitating community schools and infrastructures of public institutions;
  • Repairing community public lighting networks;
  • Promoting training and creating new job opportunities for young people;
  • Donating goods to communities, hospitals and care centers for children and elderly people in need;
  • Creating awareness and delivering health related community information: Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Cholera, Malaria, HIV-AIDS and Blood Donation.

Carmon fights against malaria and cholera in Gabela

Carmon Reestrutura, a leading company in the construction of bridges, roads and infrastructure in Angola, brought hope to the people of the Hengue neighborhood, 9 kilometers from the Gabela community headquarters, in the municipality of Porto Amboim, Kwanza Sul Province.

Building a new road from Gabela to Quilenda, 35 kilometers long, the company will donate, on February 2, 2018, mosquito nets, anti-malaria and disinfectants of water for human consumption for prevention and treatment against malaria endemics and cholera.

At the same time, Carmon organized a lecture and distributed community health education information.

Carmon’s social responsibility action was honored with the presence of the communal administrator of Gabela, on behalf of the Provincial Government of Kwanza Sul

World Health and Safety at Work-01

28 April 2018 World Health and Safety at Work

Carmon reminds employees of the importance of good health and safety at work.

The day celebrates two important dates, the World Day of Occupational Health and Safety and the International Day in Memory of Accidents and Occupational Diseases Victims. The two days were officially established in the world by the ILO in 2003. With this, the date became the Official Day of Safety and Occupational Health, in honor of the victims of accidents and work-related diseases. The date, celebrated on April 28, alludes to the death by explosion of the 78 workers of a mine in the State of Virginia, United States, in the year 1969.


Carmon donates mosquito nets in the Urban District of Vila Flor

Malaria continues to be the major cause of illness and death in Angola. According to the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency at the base of the spread of the disease are the lack of basic sanitation and the lack of prevention of people from this serious disease transmitted by the bite of the infected mosquito that rises in the puddles of stagnant water. It was to think of this that Carmon visited the area near the Mutamba market in Luanda to organize a lecture and distribute information about the malaria care in the community. An action in coordination with the local administration to celebrate the world day of the fight against the endemic in Angola, 25 of April. In partnership with the local authorities, Carmon Reestrutura also offered mosquito nets, an attempt to meet the huge demand of the local population. The event is part of the Angolan company’s social responsibility. The event also featured community theater, music and dance that enlivened the audience.


Carmon celebrates June 16 with the Children of the BJC Child Support Center (June 2018).

June 16 is considered African Children’s Day by the great events that have emerged on this date. On 16 June 1976 in South Africa the black population expressed their claim for the rights of the child.
On this date millions of black students from the city of Soweto in South Africa have expressed a demand for a better education and learning of their mother tongues instead of the English and Afrikaans they learned in schools. However, what they intended to be a peaceful demonstration ended in tragedy, which caused the death of several students and many children by the level of violence. It was days of war and violence that led to this episode being known as the “Levant of Soweto”.
It happened to be the day of June 16, the day of the African child from 1991.

Outubro Rosa (Breast Cancer)

October Rosa is an awareness campaign whose main objective is to alert women and society to the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of BREAST CANCER.
This campaign happens with more intensity in the month of October and has as symbol pink tie.

Carmon supports the Mathematical Olympics IX edition in Bengo province, organized by the MED in Oct-2018

IX Edição do Concurso de Olimpíadas de Matemática Sob o Lema: “A matemática como elemento para construção de um novo saber”.

Novembro Azul - Month of Prostate Cancer Prevention

To mark the month of prevention of prostate cancer, Carmon in partnership with the Directorate of the Angolan Institute of Cancer Control, developed the campaign “Blue November”.

The campaign is held annually in the month of November and aims to spread the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of prostate cancer. The main objective is to combat the disease through preventive examinations.

Carmon promotes Blood donation campaign, drop by drop to carmon contributes to the account

Carmon brings hope to Kambundi Katembo

Once again Carmon hit the road. Tala Mungongo, municipality of Kambundi Katembo, 190 Kms from the provincial headquarters of Malange, took to the populations of the area, mosquito nets, medicines, detergents to the water and much information on how to prevent endemic diseases such as malaria and cholera. The region is difficult to reach and is surrounded by lots of grass and vegetation. Carmon Reestrutura distributes the 60 km long access road that will allow the decrease of asemetrias and increase the levels of development in the Zone.

kambundi katembo

Inauguration of Primary School 6006, built at the heart of the social responsibility of Carmon Restructure, Jul-2017

Inauguration of Primary School 6006, built as a result of the social responsibility of Carmon Reestrutura, inaugurated by Mr. Administrador do Icolo e Bengo km 34 “Adriano Mendes De Carvalho”

Awareness Campaign on the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, Oct-2017

Carmon held an internal breast cancer activity on 10/24/2017, at the facilities of its Central Shipyard, where it had the active participation of employees, women and men.

The event was attended by 71 employees, including 19 ladies who underwent breast screening. More than 15 employees had healthy (negative) results. About 3 screenings had suspect implications.


Carmon supports, the VIII Edition of the Mathematical Olympiad Contest organized by the MED in Oct-2017 - Province of Huambo

VIII Edition of the Olympic Games of Mathematics Under the motto: “With the knowledge of mathematics we understand better the global world”. Carmon Restructures in the scope of Social Responsibility, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, made its contribution so that the Mathematical Olympiads made possible, together with the support of other sponsors. This event was held on October 11 and 12, 2017 , in the Province of Huambo at the Comandante Bula College, in which 21 students participated, being seven of the 6th class, 7 of the 9th class and 7 of the 10th first class, coming from ten Provinces, namely: Bengo, Bié, Cuanza Norte, Cuanza Sul, Huambo, Huila, Luanda, Moxico, Namibe and Uíge.

Solidarity Christmas at the Child and Support Center for the Elderly (BJC) at Zango 1, 2016

Carmon Restructure donates gifts and celebrates Christmas with the needy and disadvantaged children of the BJC Children’s Center and Support to the 3rd Age, in Zango 1, in Viana, Luanda.


Carmon supports, the VII Edition of the Olympiad Mathematics Contest Province of Cuanza Norte, organized by MED in Oct-2016

VIII Edition of the 2016 Mathematical Olympiad Competition. Under the motto: “Mathematical Olympiads for improving school performance”. On October 10 to 12 in N’Dalatando, Kwanza Norte. Education Mpinda Simão, Governor of Cuanza Norte José Maria Ferraz Dos Santos.

Solidarity Christmas at the Child and Support Center for the Elderly (BJC) at Zango 1 (2015)

“Christmas is a time that children identify with festivity, music, magic and gifts. So we try to bring some of each to brighten the children at BJC’s Children and Support Center at Zango 1 in Viana , Luanda.

Event allusivo to the children's day, which was held at the Betania Orphanage in Cabinda, Jun-2015.

Another action supported by the area of Social Responsibility of Carmon: Event allusive to the day of the children – June 1 that was held at the Bethania Orphanage in Cabinda. This event was attended by the Cantor CABO SNOOP, BWG BAIXINHO EXPECTED, children’s animators, distribution of gifts, snacks, etc., for a trotal of 200 Children.

Inauguration of the Cazenga Municipality Field - July 2015

Donation of food and personal care items at Lar Santa Bárbara in Praia do Bispo, Dec-2015


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